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MedBeds Newest Medical Technology FREE.

Advocacy - 2nd of Feb 2022

MedBeds - Newest Medical Technology FREE

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Explainer: Just What Are the Different Spiritual Dimensions of Reality?

Advocacy - 1st of Sep 2021

SPIRITUAL dimensions of reality start out somewhat congruent with the dimensions of physical reality, as defined in physics, but they quickly veer off into different directions.
Most of the information in this article comes from messages from higher dimensional beings (including "aliens/ETs") that were delivered through human "

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JFK: Caring and Compassion Abound! By Losha

Advocacy - 25th of Aug 2021

August 25, 2021

 Message from JFK
 I am still here, beautiful ones! I have not forsaken you by my silence recently...I was merely taking a break as you say...because I felt that I had said all I could say regarding the cabal and their evil doings. I have never enjoyed focusing on the negative topics and as you all know, negativity has been paramount, for a long, long time.
I am so very happy to s

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Free Energy the Gift to Mankind from Nikola Tesla: Limitless Quantity of Energy

Advocacy - 11th of Aug 2021

Free Energy the Gift to Mankind from Nikola Tesla: Limitless Quantity of Energy By Peter B. Meyer
 Free energy the gift to mankind from Nikola Tesla      

Free Energy 

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Inspirational Quotes - 9th of Aug 2021

Look for love, beauty & inspiration in the world... Have your focus on the present rather than anticipating future outcomes.

All things are possible! The momentum of the energy that is resistant free is dominant in all of the universe. And that's why wellbeing will always prevail.

Try this 17 second exercise when feel sorry for yourself or upset about something:
Repeat out loud: "17, 16, 15, 14... & before you get to 1 you will forget what it was that you were upset a

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