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MedBeds Newest technology
Advocacy - 2nd of Feb 2022

Explainer: Just What Are the Different Spiritual Dimensions of Reality?
Advocacy - 1st of Sep 2021

JFK: Caring and Compassion Abound!
Advocacy - 25th of Aug 2021

Free Energy the Gift to Mankind from Nikola Tesla: Limitless Quantity of Energy
Advocacy - 11th of Aug 2021

Inspirational Quotes - 9th of Aug 2021

Lions Gate. A grateful message of peace, prosperity, love, happiness and wellbeing!
Inspirational Quotes - 8th of Aug 2021

10 Reasons Why Being Outside is Important! By Sydney Sprouse
Advocacy - 10th of Jul 2021

Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth
Advocacy - 6th of Jul 2021

Does DEBT FORGIVENESS or RELIEF really work?
Financial - 7th of Jun 2021

MedBeds -Frequency Healing & Quantum Devices
Advocacy - 4th of Jun 2021

Wow! Republic of Canada - Romano Didulo (Head of State)
Advocacy - 31st of May 2021

Support Empowerment, Awareness and Wellbeing for your Children!
Advocacy - 17th of May 2021

Intuition is my Superpower!
Advocacy - 17th of Apr 2021

Ascension into Golden Age!
Advocacy - 17th of Apr 2021

To vaccinate or not vaccinate?
Advocacy - 17th of Apr 2021

Financial freedom! QFS
Financial - 17th of Apr 2021

Are you ready for full disclosure?
Advocacy - 11th of Apr 2021

Covid's "third wave" mass death w/ vaccinated?
Advocacy - 10th of Apr 2021

End Poverty, End Debt!
Financial - 10th of Apr 2021

I choose to be me!
Advocacy - 22nd of Mar 2021

The World I Would Like to Live In - Poem
Inspirational Quotes - 16th of Jun 2020

Moojibaba Responds to the Tragic Death of George Floyd
Advocacy - 2nd of Jun 2020

Let's Heal Ourselves and then the World!
Advocacy - 27th of May 2020

Personal, Worldly & Universal Truths
Advocacy - 10th of Mar 2019

Advocacy - 10th of Mar 2019

Corporations Corruption & Apathy
Advocacy - 10th of Feb 2019

Helping yourself with debt
Financial - 10th of Feb 2019