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The World I Would Like to Live In

Published 16th of Jun 2020

Pollution was a word only used in stories

A criminal was just an adjective to describe the villain

Harmony was something we could all live with

Death was peaceful, not painful

Guns were only used in movies

Equality was a daily encounter

Forests thrived

Turtles could breathe, sharks could swim

Streets were clean

Animals could live, and not be hunted

People weren't criticized for everything

Care was something given, not paid for

Life consisted of endless joy and glee, not depression and anxiety

War was just a word that consisted of two consonants and a vowel

We didn't have to fight to protect ourselves or our country

Cities didn't consist of smoke

Money wasn't what made you or broke you

Organisms could function

Beauty was on the inside

Everyone was happy

A poem written by my daughter last May 2020 for her grade 8 English class when she was 12 years old. Entitled: "The World I Would Like to Live in"
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