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Support Empowerment, Awareness and Wellbeing for your Children!

Published 17th of May 2021

Empower & Support Wellbeing for your Children
Do you want to empower your children, family, friends and community?
Have you had enough of the invasive, punitive lockdowns for only portions of the population?
Do we want socially anxious, fearful, controlled children without freedom to choose their own wellbeing, health and fulfillment?
How has the Ontario government & schools and universities affected the mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing?
Very detrimentally, in my opinion.
Who are they trying to protect, I ask? Certainly not our children's health and safety as there is extremely low confirmed cases within Ontario schools with children and staff. In fact, there seem to be less cases than an average year of colds and flu.
Yet the governments and school administrators are instigating and dictating authoritarian and inflexible controls and rules on our children which is ruining their capacity to think for themselves under the guise of health and safety.
The enforced virtual school by the Ontario government guided by Ontario health & safety requires students to be on their technology for 7 hours in grade 9 anyway and my 13 year old daughter has common sense and a social conscience but with being a teenager she naturally pushes limits and boundaries.
I'm monitoring my daughter's technology use (very difficult as it's virtual online enforced by schools and governments).
Yesterday, my daughter ran out of charge on her phone before I went on my walk so I took it with me with charger and said I don't want her to be contactable all day and on technology.
She explained: "she needed computer & iPhone or IPad for 4 hours virtual school each day + 3 hours homework and needed to take photos for translation for French class & for Science to look stuff up while taking notes."
Then she wants free time on it too. I am okay with music on especially doing homework but she decided to do a spelling bee online and she loves doing quizzes online and tiktok and of course chatting to friends on social media (Snapchat & Instagram).
This leads to being online for up to 12 hours a day which is unhealthy for everybody let alone our children, don't you think?
According to my daughter, most parents don't seem to even monitor their kids and her friends are on their social media & phones into the early hours of the morning.
I have suggested that an 11pm 'going off' all technology school nights and 12am other nights.
My daughter used to read quite a bit and we watch Netflix together too & she also watches YouTube & Netflix on her technology too.
Thank goodness this has been over the last year only during the enforced shutdowns whereas most of her friends and classmates have been doing this since 10 years old or even earlier, according to my daughter.
These shutdowns and mandated rules and regulations including wearing masks for extended periods of time each day when at school, takes away the freedom and wellbeing of our children.
What will it take to wake up the parents, teachers and administrators to have healthy, alert, aware, welladjusted children who are the next generation in our world?
I do my bit by informing people everyday, who I encounter on my daily 2 to 4 hour nature walks, about their freedoms and wellbeing that are being compromised by such restrictive rules and regulations. Thankfully I am still allowed to go walking in nature without restrictions and mask wearing as I always keep the social distancing rules for respect for the others rather than the appropriateness & validity of this rule.
I jokingly say, but is it really far fetched, when will they mandate muzzling dogs outside? They already muzzle our children inside and outside of school.
When will humanity wake up to the truth?
Australia, where my son is has fared well and have no to very little restrictions, especially in Queensland! Why do you think they are doing so well? Do they care more about their children's wellbeing than we do here?
When will humanity wake up to the consequences of freedoms taken away such as being able to be with your friends and look after your health with natural, humane means like letting them breathe fresh air and have exercise in natural environments?
I influence my daughter to go outside every day, to have exercise each day, to have downtime to just relax and she also walks a neighbours dog 3 times a week that gets her outside, allows her access to a relationship with unconditional love from an animal and is also going towards her 'Community Involvement hours' required to graduate from high school.
As a solo parent from birth of my now two teenage children (son, 18 thriving & completing nursing in Australia and daughter, 13 thriving against all odds in Ontario with severe, unhealthy lockdowns at school affecting her wellbeing), I have brought my kids up to critically think and make their own choices within reason along with my guidance and take consequences for their own decisions.
I also empower them to enjoy their successes and learn from their failures or mistakes or judgement calls and this parenting strategy has allowed my children to be aware, successful and healthy in mind, body and spirit in any situation and circumstances that governments and educational and workplace institutions throw at them. Therefore, they can stand up for themselves and their own wellbeing as well as show by example and support empowerment with compassion to their friends, family, people in their respective communities and humanity as a whole.
Are your children's health and wellbeing supported by you as parents, by the community and by government?
I support empowerment for free to anyone who chooses to help themselves!
Please make a comment and any ideas you have that supports empowerment to help yourself and your children to self advocate is most welcome!
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