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Published 10th of Mar 2019

Liberalism is an ideal that is not sustainable in our virtual world. Look at Yuval in his books Homo Sapiens & Homo Deus & what he says as a Historian about AI....sad but unless humans want to help themselves & each other rather than living by their false personality or egos & want to contribute vs wanting more & more & instantly we have little hope! I'm an aggressive idealist myself & have brought up my children to self regulate, have empathy, be resilient & it's very difficult especially with my teenager when most parents enable their kids to have instant gratification which is easier in the short term but harmful for humans & the future of our planet in the long run.....We all have to take personal accountability & responsibility & rather than point a finger, lend a hand....in whatever way you can. I do my bit with Selfadvocacyinternational.com as well as following the 'Path Less travelled' by being aware or getting the truth from the source rather than listening to or even acknowledging 'fake news' or falsities that are in the media, social media, with politicians & most if not all institutions whether religious, political, educational, health related, corporations - you name it.... all have corruption & coverups. In fact there's a name for that too it's called the 'rat race'! How many of you are in the 'rat race' & how many of you opt out & follow the path less travelled consciously & alive? That is my goal & hopefully my legacy in this lifetime. As Ghandi so aptly said "Be the change you want to see in the world". By being a role model, making & admitting my mistakes & then moving forward consciously & aware & trying not to repeat those same mistakes over & over again (though as being human I do fall off my chosen path from time to time) & keeping my pure nature alive in a rather false, fast, ego driven world.

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