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Helping yourself with debt

Published 10th of Feb 2019

Inaction is like apathy and making excuses for not acting. Empathy for our world requires all of us taking collective action for the greater good of all people (regardless of race, religion or political persuasion), animals, birds and the environment. Self indulgence and self absorption need to be replaced with compassion, empathy and kindness rather than hiding behind your excuses & apathy. I am tired of people making excuses like there's nothing I can do about it as well as overusing and abusing our natural resources. We overuse technology, cars, phones, luxuries. Why don't we recycle and buy used goods more. This has become the norm in our Information Age! We spend beyond our means, luxuries have become needs in the minds and actions of most people in the "free world". Also people want instant gratification and have a "me me me", "more, more, more" mentality that serves no one. In fact it is ruining our existence & time on Earth.

Many groups try to help but we need to collectively give what we can to the world and contribute what we can to others rather than let our greed and false sense of security get in the way by staying in the rat race or working to just pay our bills. We need to reduce personal, household, business and government (local, provincial/state, national & global) debt. Most of our taxes are going to pay off financiers and wealthy people who own and control money. Our taxes just pay the interest on the debt and we get fewer services provided to us from our governments. When will governments be for the people? This present system makes the wealthiest 1% even wealthier and everyone else who is IN debt poorer. Added to that governments on all levels are making more and more cuts to services that help the majority of people such as for health and education. Also the cost of living keeps going up so high that people can't afford the basics let alone investing in a home.

My beloved late father, a scientist bought our family home in Ottawa in the 60s for $25k & his salary was $25k a year at the time so doable to pay off the mortgage and have my mother stay at home to bring up us kids. We had no real debt, traveled as a family and got involved in lots of extracurricular activities. Compare that same house today - got it valued by a realtor - and it sold for $800K in 2020 and for $495k in 2009. So I ask you how many families make $800K a year with two  incomes? People today entering the housing market have to go into huge debt to own their home and probably much of that debt will go to their children.

Please be aware of what is happening to the average family of today and be prepared for your future and your children's future!

I'm a baby boomer, solo parent of 18 and 13 year old and have prepared them for any financial systems that are around. We will survive if not thrive when or if the economy collapses again.

I hope I can help even some people avoid drowning in the next recession/depression. Look at Venezuela where their money is so devalued that only the wealthy can survive! We need to stop governments and corporations and financiers from profiting and most people hardly surviving. Don't allow them to abuse you. Instead help yourself and I will support empowerment of anyone who wants to help themselves for free. That doesn't mean by handouts but helping you help yourself. I can and do this everyday wherever  I am living at the time! My son moved halfway round the world in January 2020 when he turned just 17. Now he is 18 and is 3/4 of his way through nursing, on youth allowance, bought his first car and is thriving. He started part time work at Red Roosters when he was 13, almost 14 and then worked at a grocery shop when he was 15+ til 17 when he moved countries by himself. My daughter is thriving too, she is 13 in grade 9 and is walking a neighbours dog for community service at school, working on her resume to get a job when she turns 14. So both my teenagers are capable of making it on their own as I supported them empowering themselves rather than spoiling them and doing everything for them.

One of my goals and life purpose is to wake people up to become aware of what is actually happening and take ownership for their own actions or inactions. I use three things to get people to help themselves and then be available and ready to help others less advantaged either emotionally, intellectually, monetarily, common sense wise so that they can live consciously with no or few regrets:

My platforms are:

1. talking to people everyday and helping them get what they need from institutions and governments ie. getting people to utilize what is available to them and showing them how they can accomplish their goals whether financial independence, getting out of debt, getting a job, getting assistance (where & how) for free etc.

2. My Facebook group & page: Self Advocacy Australia

3. My seminal venture into a website: Selfadvocacyinternational.com

If you like any of my ideas please check these out so we can become a global community of giving what we can to others and the environment.

I invite you to join me on my journey. We are all a success in progress!

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