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Let's Heal Ourselves and then the World!

Published 27th of May 2020

This song, 'Heal the World' is very relevant in the present COVID-19 world we find ourselves. May our World be healed very soon! Let's join together with peace, hope, trust and love within our hearts for everyones future! ..Child prodigies across the globe came together to 'Heal The World' in 2016. MaatiBaani pays a tribute to the King Of Pop- an artist that touched millions of hearts through his music. They wanted to send Love to each and every place in the world affected by violence with this endeavour.


How does the COVID-19 affect you and your world and daily life? For me I have thrived on many levels by giving myself time to reflect on what I really want in life as well as who I really am.

For my journey, I initially was against the imposed isolation as it felt like I was being dictated to and therefore it was a loss of my personal freedom and choice. I thought I was starting to feel free but still had negativity inside me and was still pushing against institutions, systems and judging how others lived, thought and acted.

I had a difficult year and a half with especially my teenage son who wanted his independence and much less control so acted out. My pre teen daughter also grew up overnight and wanted her freedom too. I lost my job last year, due to pushing against - it was only very occasional teaching and came about due to advocating for my daughter too aggressively and administrators thought I didn't display the values of the organization of inclusion, equity and diversity.

As an older solo parent with virtually no support, trying to navigate the teenage years effectively while keeping my sanity, in terms of emotional, physical, mental, financial and spiritual health was harder to manage than anticipated. I was challenged on all levels.

First, my teenage son moved halfway around the world with my blessing in January 2020 before all the shutdowns and is now on youth allowance, in his 5th week of nursing and is living with a great family friend and is happy and thriving. The emotional yo-yo with your son leaving after a difficult year together has been challenging to say the least. This was one of many losses I've had over the year including losing job, unanticipated financial losses on investments, my ex getting diagnosed with terminal cancer, my son in another country, losing touch and not getting along with most of my significant relationships including both my children and feeling aloneness and that no one cares.

Not only did I feel alone and no one cares and was isolated already, I had self doubt and didn't love myself much either. I started my self care and healing at the end of last year with going on daily nature walks for 1 to 4 hours, doing yoga at a club 3 to 4 times a week, meditation every morning and gratitude and filled my time with lots of healing activities and spiritual growth. This seemed to be going well and then my daughters school shut down, my yoga club, and everything else shut down except for essential services like grocery stores so all my routines like everyone else were upset and dismantled and like many people I wasn't ready for this change in routines and doing things and the uncertainty. Also feeling isolated already made the thought of more isolation unbearable and undoable especially at the beginning.

I had many worries initially about what was going to happen, how will the shutdowns affect me and my circumstances, how long will the shutdown last, would the economy bounce back.. etc. What I did say initially was "At least they can't close nature!" And that comment was my saving grace and turn around in my attitude, intentions and expectations as I already knew that I was resilient and 'that this too shall pass'. So I endeavoured to change my own thoughts and experiences and look inward to create a transformation in myself of self love and care and nurturing first and foremost.

This imposed self isolation from our local, state, national and global governments gave me the perfect opportunity to do my self care and discovery of 'who I really am' now, and not feel guilty or selfish. Not me in relationship to my children or work or relationships or institutions or systems or society but me in regards to me and my Inner Being and what makes ME happy and fulfilled. I realized that being selfish is a good thing as if you don't like yourself or what you are doing or creating then it becomes impossible or at least improbable to be able to empower anyone else, let alone influence millions of people to allow themselves to create a world that is a more compassionate and cooperative place for all. And that is my burning desire...

In the two months of healing, through my continued nature walks and meditation, I have so much more appreciation for life in general whether it is the basic goodness of people, the amazing healing qualities of Mother Nature and the positive energy that surrounds me daily now while navigating new possibilities, experiences, relationships and happiness that didn't seem to be available to me previously.

I am the creator of my own reality and there will be conditions that I encounter each day that I need to deal with but I now know it's how I respond vs react that makes the difference. When I come from a place of self awareness and happiness and appreciation and gratitude and compassion and love and feel those positive feelings, then my desires then manifest into reality. This happens as long as I am in alignment with those desires and my Inner Being and just allow them to happen in their own time. Once I trusted myself and the real nature of creating my own reality, things started to change very quickly. My relationships especially with my children have become healthier and happier, my financial situation has improved because my mind became clearer, more focused and more receptive to possibilities, insights, ideas and creative solutions that worked and I would always appreciate and be grateful for what I already have in my life as well as be grateful for the small achievements towards what I have put out there for my desires too. As the 'Law of Attraction' states: 'Ask and it will be given'. That makes sense to me and throughout my life I have noticed that this happens when you trust in yourself and the universe....some call it synchronicity....but more of that later.

Let's start a conversation about what works for you during this transitional time here on Earth! Let's create a new normal for everyone of compassion and cooperation! Love to hear your thoughts, ideas, insights, questions and inspirations.

Wishes Fulfilled - Self-Advocacy International 

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