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Financial freedom! QFS

Published 17th of Apr 2021

How would you like financial freedom for everyone? Do you think it's possible? I do. Do you want to get away from the enslavement of debt? Well, I want to give you some positive news about a new financial system that has been implemented around the world called the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

We are very close to a transition from the old financial system (Swift system) to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS). These two systems are working in parallel so that money laundering and corrupt money cannot be transferred and legal transfers are monitored and protected.

With the QFS, it's all part of a complete change in the way we live our lives. We can move away from a world that has enslaved us with debt. Most of us take debt as normal in our lives and the banks have been printing money and lending it out to people for loans but the money had no substance and they want it back with interest and tax which is totally illegal. So we move away from this world of financial enslavement into a world of being awakened.

The QFS is linked with a new operating system which is known worldwide as GESARA. This allows... First of all it will change the legal system to every country in the world. The current system of legality in the world is the law of the seas, Maritime Law & Admiralty Law.

What is the Quantum Financial System (QFS)?

1. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides flawless and clean integrity in the movement of funds from central bank sources to destination accounts.

2. The QFS covers the new global network for the transfer of asset-backed funds, thus being able to replace the centrally controlled SWIFT System in the US.

3. A key benefit of QFS is to protect all parties from corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system and ensure banks are monitored and protected with regard to the agreed upon contract of the transfer fund process.

4. QFS is completely independent from the existing centralized system and makes all other transfer systems obsolete due to its advanced capabilities.

5. QFS is NOT crypto currency but instead it is asset-backed digital currency.

6. QFS reigns supreme in the photonic technology at 3.5 trillion frames per second. It replaces obsolete IP dynamic routing with true physical GPS authentication between sender and receiver routing while upholding 100% financial security and transparency of all currency holders.

7. Protocols will be instituted with QFS so that Artificial Intelligence will control the transfers and independently be allowed to control the global financial network unless the highest level of approval is given. The AI program will handle instant settlements in real time without delays!

8. The AI assigns a "digital" number to every fiat Dollar / Euro / Yen in every bank account all over the world. "Digital" numbers are monitored in real time. The physical GPS location between sender and receiver is set up to provide unbreakable security when ledgered with regard to who sent it, and what account received it.

9. The Sovereign Currency of the United States is "USN."

10. One of its main characteristics is that bankers will not be able to access any of these funds without the permission of the Global Guarantee Account Supervisors. A system whose purpose is to replace central banking and to cover the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money, initiated by Russia and China to replace the Swift system, controlled by the United States. It should be noted that the QFS is completely independent from the existing centralized system.






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