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Explainer: Just What Are the Different Spiritual Dimensions of Reality?

Published 1st of Sep 2021

SPIRITUAL dimensions of reality start out somewhat congruent with the dimensions of physical reality, as defined in physics, but they quickly veer off into different directions.
Most of the information in this article comes from messages from higher dimensional beings (including "aliens/ETs") that were delivered through human "channelers". Additional insights from a variety of other sources, including spiritual groups on Facebook.
The two most common dimensions of reality that people on Earth are familiar with are their waking state of consciousness and their dream state of consciousness. Waking experiences are mostly in the 3rd Dimensional (3D) reality, while what we remember of our dreams is mostly from the 4th Dimension (4D).
There are, however, many more dimensions of reality. These can be experienced through meditation, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, hallucinogenic drugs, prayer, and many other spiritual modalities.

- 0.1. Dimensions vs Densities - Confusion #1
- 0.1.1. Limitations of Human Concepts (Disclaimer)
- 0.2. How Many Dimensions? - Confusion #2
- 0.3. All Dimensions, All The Time - Confusion #3
- 0.4. The Myth of Higher Dimensions - Confusion #4

THE THIRD DIMENSION (3D) - Welcome Humans
3.1. Lessons of the 3rd Dimension
THE FOURTH DIMENSION (4D) - the Astral or Etheric Plane
4.1. ETs, the Astral Body, and Dreams
4.2. Is the 4th Dimensions Good or Bad?
THE FIFTH DIMENSION (5D) - the Causal Plane
5.1. "Heaven on Earth" in the 5th Dimension
5.2. Experiencing the "Collective Dimensions" (1D thru 5D)
5.3.1. Keeping Our Physical Body in the 5th & Higher Dimensions
5.3.2. 'Autobiography of a Yogi' Description of The Astral and Causal Realms
5.4.1. How to Support the Earth's Ascension
THE SIXTH and HIGHER DIMENSIONS - the "Spirit Realms"
6.1 The Soul, Soul Families & Oversoul
THE LAST DIMENSION - Source, God, and The Unified Field
NOTES - on various models of the Spiritual Dimensions
EACH dimension of reality has a different set of laws that govern what generally can and cannot be done by an individual soul or consciousness that is in that dimension.
"Lower" dimensions are said to be more diverse and have stronger feelings of (or beliefs in) separation between forms (objects and beings). "Higher" dimensions have increasingly stronger feelings of "oneness" with all forms.
"Lower" and "higher" refer to rates of vibration (or frequency, or cycles per second, or wavelength, or sound waves). They are not consider "better" or "worse" by most beings in the universe. Those value judgments are a characteristic of some 3D beings, including us Earth humans, and lower 4D beings.
Although dimensions are typically defined as discrete realms, most (but not all) agree that they form a gradual transition from one to the next.
All dimensions exist at the same "time" and occupy the same "space". They are just occurring at different different vibrations or frequencies of energy. Each offers a different perspective on reality.
Our dream reality (4D), for example, exists parallel to our waking reality (3D), and we are present in each simultaneously at all times. We can enter 4D while we are awake in 3D either through daydreaming or deja vu experiences.
"Time" and "space" are separations that are particularly strong in the lower dimensions, but become weaker the higher one moves up the dimensional ladder.
Our soul has a presence in all dimensions at all times. Which dimension (or reality) we are consciously in at any moment is, in part, a matter of where we focus our attention. Those we are not focused on form a large part of our subconscious.
As humans, our physical bodies can normally only experience a very small fraction of the full range of frequencies that are always present around us. We call this range of physical frequencies the 3rd Dimension (3D). We can, however, experience many more dimensions through our "energy body" (which includes our emotion, intuition, and aura).
In general, once you are established in one dimension, then you have full and easy access to the dimensions below where you are, but only limited access to those above. So a 4D being would have full access to 3D and lower dimensions, but is still evolving toward the 5th Dimension.
Their broader perspective gives the impression that higher dimensions (frequencies) are "better" than lower ones. However, with more perspective comes more responsibility and work to do. The overall degree of challenge and learning for an entity remains the same through all the dimensions (except the "last dimension" for Source / God / The Absolute).
Overall, lower dimensions are typically described as being dense, heavy, rigid, complex, hidden and narrowly focused, having lower vibrations or energies, and a greater sense of individuality and separation.
Higher dimensions are described as being light, transparent, flexible, less complex, more broadly encompassing, having higher frequency vibrations, and an increasing sense of universal oneness.
That said, many of the characteristics of the 1st Dimension (described below) are similar to those of the Last or Highest Dimension, almost as if they create a loop. Some say we reincarnate through this loop - returning to the 1st Dimension after we have evolved to the Last Dimension.

0.1. Dimensions vs Densities - Confusion #1

by Alex Hudson (unsplash.com)
Possibly the biggest confusion when people discuss dimensions is the difference between a "Dimension" and a "Density".
Density emphasizes the specific frequency (or state of consciousness, or awakening, or universal oneness) that a being or an object is generating or displaying at any point in time.
"Dimensions", on the other hand, are shared realms where most beings are in the same density in body and mind.
A higher density / frequency being or reality is said to be closer to God / Source and able to hold more information, knowledge, awareness, and intelligence in its consciousness.
A lower density / frequency being or reality is said to be closer to creation (the diversity of the universe) and therefore holds more structure, polarity, diversity, and physical experiences in its consciousness.
Some say Jesus was a 5th or 7th Density being (opinions vary) during his historical time in his 3rd Dimensional Earth body. This may be a very common form of reincarnation. "Crystal Children" (born since 1980) are also said to be 7D beings coming here to help raise the consciousness of our planet. , although very few remember their higher dimensional origin - at least not yet.
This is the main point of confusion between densities and dimensions. You can, theoretically, be any density in any dimension.
It is best to think of density as an individual characteristic, and dimension as a realm or some other shared characteristic. This article focuses more on dimensions than densities.
For this article, I follow what most others teach, which is that the dimension a planet is in reflects the density that the majority of beings on that planet are experiencing. Thus, when most humans awaken to a 4th Density consciousness, then Earth will become a 4th Dimensional planet.
(Note that many say that a dimension shift to 4D or 5D will happen with far fewer than a full majority of Earth being in that density.)

In the real world, you will see density and dimension discussed in confusing ways.
The Law of One teachings, which were channeled from a group called "Ra", state that you are a 4th Density being when you are on the 5th Dimension planet. I believe this source says this because it defined the 4th Dimension as something to be avoided at all costs, which conflicts with its definition of 4th density consciousness. To me, that is a confusing.
Our consciousness can be in any density or dimension that it puts its focus on. So our consciousness and mind can be in a higher density than our physical body. Some call this "transcending" - our consciousness transcends to give us a different point of view or experience, but our physical body remains as a 3D physical object.
Bringing our physical body into the same higher density dimension is known as "transmutation". It is extremely difficult and rare.
Thus, most of the time, when people (on Facebook) say they are in 5D or higher, they are talking about their mental (or astral, or energy) body or consciousness. They have transcended their mind or personality into a higher density form.
These people did not transmute their physical body into a higher dimension. If they did, we would probably not see them here in 3D.
For some a transcendent state seems to be a permanent state of consciousness. We might call these people "enlightened". Other seem to fall in and out of this state. We might call these people "awakened".
With proper understanding, anyone can temporarily visit other dimensions by changing the density of their astral body. "Channeling" and "lucid dreaming" are two ways this is done.
Some say that our Earth is already in the 4th Dimension, and where we actually want to go is to the 5th Dimension. They say we left 3D on December 21, 2012, with the end of the Mayan calendar. Others say it happened on December 21, 2019, and still others point to December 21, 2020. I am sure more dates will be announced in the future.

0.1.1. Limitations of Human Concepts (Disclaimer)
NOTE: "Words" are a feature of our 3rd Dimensional reality, and maybe the lower 4th Dimension. They do not exist in other dimensions.
Thus, while this article talks about "dimensions", "densities", "time", "timelines", "soul", "reincarnation" and many other spiritual terms, these are all human-invented concepts. None of these words fully grasps the true nature of these phenomena. They can only point in their direction.
So try to grasp the feeling for what is being said in this article, more than the specific words that are being used. And then use that feeling to come to your own, personal understanding of reality at this moment in time - knowing that it will change in the next moment.
In this article I review many different perspective and ideas on the spiritual dimensions of reality. As such, it can be conflicting and confusing at times. That is just the way things are in higher dimensions of reality.
If you want a single, concise and integrated description of the spiritual dimensions, I recommend the one described by Matias De Stefano in his Initiation series on Gaia TV. I summarize his model and briefly compare it to other approaches in this article:

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