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Does DEBT FORGIVENESS or RELIEF really work?

Published 7th of Jun 2021
Debt forgiveness or relief is a positive step but if people are not educated and empowered to understand how money works, it enslaves people and it doesn't support the unawakened.
The saying: "You give people fish and they eat for a day; you teach people how to fish and they eat for a lifetime," applies to financial independence and freedom too.
A first understanding is to know and apply in your day to day living the difference between wants and needs.
Debts accrue due to lack of awareness and knowledge rather than lack of money. There have always been funds and money available to those who 'know & understand' that abundance and wellbeing is the natural law and state of who we really are.
Governments and businesses have confused equality and equity... the latter important for debt relief & financial freedom for everybody as each individual's 'wants' and 'needs' are specific to that person and their individual situation and circumstances.
Government handouts do not support empowerment, awareness or self sufficiency. They in fact, do the reverse.
Financial literacy would be a great addition to formal education (on top of literacy & numeracy) and also self care! This kind of education can and would be a good idea to be taught at schools even in kindergarten to support empowerment and awareness of what is available and how you can achieve your own desires and goals and make them a reality.
As a parent and teacher, I have taught explicitly and implicitly how money can work for you and your family rather than enslave you.
I would love to be part of a program of re-education of this aspect of independence and resilience. Does anyone know of any?
I personally have avoided the debt trap all my life and prefer investing to spending beyond my means.
My teenage children are also well underway to financial freedom, independence and resilience so they too can achieve and deliberately create with compassion, common sense and a social conscience their own circumstances and experiences that not only benefit them but others around them.
I invite you to look at my website and blog which is 100% free. My ideas of supporting empowerment are to be shared with everyone and all empowering and compassionate inspirations that have worked for you are most welcome!
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