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Corporations Corruption and Apathy

Published 10th of Feb 2019

That's called apathy....it's good to be aware but one needs to know how to help oneself & learn how to utilize what is available to you. Also have empathy for those less motivated or capable than oneself. Too many people overspend & cater to their wants vs needs.....Educate & discipline yourself to be ready for a collapse by investing in assets vs luxuries & whims & wasting time on tech devices & social media which consumes many people....Hence why I promote self advocacy (helping oneself) with my Self Advocacy Australia Facebook group & page & website selfadvocacyinternational.com as my platform when time permits & is "success in progress". Self Advocacy is based on saying "If you give someone fish (money/handouts) they eat for the day, if you teach them how to fish (how to make money/invest & look after self - health) they eat/thrive for a lifetime. This is the greatest legacy you can give to your kids. My children 16 & 11 are ready for whatever the greedy people & the apathetic people put out there & not only survive but thrive. Country debt means the interest paid on debt is going to the wealthiest people & financiers & taxpayers are paying these wealthy people (1% of people have 90% of wealth) so governments make cuts on services to taxpayers & many people/household debt are crippling them. Don't let governments & corporations & the wealthy abuse you.....learn how to utilize them to get ahead.....hence invest rather than spend on luxuries & when it works for you....pass on that information to loved ones, friends & all you know. We CAN "pass it forward"... We all have something to contribute! I have not only survived but thrived by utilizing knowledge from those who have thrived & see how it works for me & my family.....& I've done this since 16 & now I'm 60 & prepared for any collapse of economy & can focus on making sure many people can help themselves & the planet especially environmentally but also socially to be a better place to live for the most amount of people. That's what I want to be my legacy that at least I will try to keep in mind for anything I do it is for the "greater good" & not only for my own or my children's selfish desires. Then on my dying bed at 108 years old I will have no regrets. I am going to try for this legacy til my dying breath. Anyone want to come along for the journey & help others help themselves enjoy their journey on Earth too! I invite you with open arms & empathy & peace.

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