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Ascension into Golden Age!

Published 17th of Apr 2021

Ascension is a process of awakening and evolving and it doesn't happen over night. This golden age began in 2012 I believe and is completed by 2034. We are in the eye of the storm, so to speak right now, so it is time to work on yourself and evolve into who you really want to be. Saying that, very soon you will see physical changes like EBS tentatively May 6... it is fluid... and QFS & NESARA/GESARA and there will be small changes, even transformations in your own life and family and community and causes. Some of these have already happened and some are coming when you personally and the human collective as a whole is ready. Enjoy the process of unfolding in your own life and the progress you have made and be eager and look forward to your own transformation and evolving into who you really are... energy, consciousness, love & light. My greatest challenges in this lifetime have come from choices I have made sometimes not completely consciously or aware, and they have expanded my consciousness the most and allowed me the most joy and fulfillment. Patience is not one of my virtues lol!

We are all a success in progress! Some humans may choose to do their inner work for Ascension regardless of the timelines and circumstances. Others may choose to leave Earth and go into the light. Whatever you choose, it is yours and yours only. Enjoy the process! All is well!

Sending healing, love and light to all on this miraculous journey in this time space reality we have all chosen. 

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