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Are you ready for full disclosure?

Published 11th of Apr 2021

Are you ready for full disclosure?  By Kari Carwile 

We've been told many times if we're not prepared for disclosure, it will be devastating.  I'm not sure we can ever be fully prepared to learn that our entire lives have been based on lies, and if you don't think that statement is true then you've got a rough road ahead.  I also don't see how we can fully be prepared for the depth of evil that that will be disclosed or be prepared for the level of depravity that we've had right under our noses for so very long, as well as the fact that the government who so many trust/trusted were involved in all of it.  We've been lied to about every religion, and I mean EVERY religion, and it's going to rock our worlds when we find out how we've been lied to about what we believed to be true.

Nothing will be exempt; education, healthcare, government, financial, food, farming and ranching, science, UFO's and extraterrestrials.  As I said, our entire lives have been based and lived upon lies.  We've been able to research and dig deep and find out many things, but there are mountains of information yet to be disclosed.  Previously, I've shared about dismantling the ENTIRE SYSTEMS, and rebuilding.  When a massive building is to be torn down, there's a lot of preparation that goes into it.  The building isn't just torn down, because if it's done improperly it could cause severe harm to other buildings and even people around.  It must implode properly and then once it's down, the debris has to be removed which can be a lengthy process.  What we're going to experience will be a lengthy process.  Disclosure will happen, but it's going to be rough, and it's going to take us a while to work through it, because we'll be literally experiencing a death to everything we've ever known.  We'll have to work through the stages of death/grief and no one single person will experience it the same.  There will be shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining, depression, reflection and loneliness, the upward turn, reconstruction and working through and acceptance and hope. Dealing with our emotions as a result of death is one of the most difficult things we can go through.  Some think it's going to be a cake walk and we'll just waltz right on through it, and maybe some will, but for many it will be a process to work through all the devastation.  There will be light at then end of the tunnel, but it will take time, and my intuition says it's going to take us at least a few years.  We have entered 'The Age of Aquarius or The Golden Age' which will be amazing, but we must first work through all the deception, and grief of the death of everything we knew to be true, the revealing of the evil and so on before we begin to enter into "the very best days of our lives." Many have been preparing for a long time, but none of us will be exempt from the things we'll have to experience.  We can lessen the blow now by continuing to pull back the veil of deception, but when this goes down it's still going to be a rough go of it.  We will ALL NEED EACH OTHER, because anything we haven't worked through is going to be staring us in the face and we'll be forced to work through it.  Those who are prepared will be able to assist others in the process, and MANY have been being prepared for years. We CAN & WILL get through this, but we really will need each other.  We're about to find out how really powerful we are, and that's such a good thing, because it's been hidden from us for centuries.  We're about to find out who really is the 'creator' and it's going to be an amazing discovery and life will never be the same and we will literally begin living "the very best days of our lives." 

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